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A wanderer being aimed by a Corpse Seeker.

Entity Number: C-4

Habitat: All


The Corpse Seekers (a.k.a the "Death Leaders") are entities which can be seen in various levels in the Backrooms. According to all current archives on witnessing activated Corpse Seekers, they appear from nowhere.

It's theorized that once a wanderer gets aimed by a Corpse Seeker, they will definitely die. That's what the entities are named for.


Based on a Corpse Seeker's behaviors, they can be divided into two states: the dormant state and the activated state. While a dormant Corpse Seeker is not dangerous and can be seen in various places, an activated Corpse Seeker will fly suddenly out of nowhere then aim at a wanderer, trying to land on their shoulders or hovering above them. This wanderer will die in 12 hours for various reasons1, without any exceptions.

There's no use to kill the Corpse Seeker which has already aimed at a target, the target will die always. We cannot conclude whether the Corpse Seekers are the cause of death or merely messengers from hell.

Interference from a Light Reviver may be the only chance to get away from being aimed by a Corpse Seeker.


Besides a completely white body and a black star in the middle of the head, a Corpse Seeker looks exactly the same as a raven from the Frontrooms weirdly.


It has been a long time since the Corpse Seekers first appear, but their properties weren't discovered because of the initially high rate of personnel deaths. Since more and more death as a result of the Corpse Seeker has taken place, those entities were listed into the archive.

Do's and Don'ts:


  • Try not to disturb a dormant Corpse Seeker2.
  • If you have been aimed at by a Corpse Seeker, keep calm and try to stay far from the crowds, or your death may affect others.


  • (Being aimed in communities) Try going against the laws intemperately in your final moments.
  • (Being aimed in the wild) None. You are a corpse now.