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Entity Number: C-9

An artistict picture of a Light Reviver.

Habitats: All


The Light Revivers are entities with human-like intelligence. Since they are usually rare to spot, their emergence is considered a lucky symbol.

"They called us savior."


The Light Revivers seem to be hostility to the Corpse Seekers. When an activated Corpse Seeker appears and aims its target, a Light Reviver will come from nowhere, fly to the Corpse Seeker straightly, then spread its wings, hovering in the way. After this the Corpse Seeker will suspend its hunting and finally leave. Although sometimes the Light Revivers won't succeed in blocking, they DO try to save more lives being aimed by the Corpse Seekers.

"They called us betrayers."


The Light Revivers are usually discribed as illusionary bird-like creatures, with an extremely high flying speed.

"Lord gave us rebirth. "


The Light Revivers were first regarded as stars shooting across the sky, however, since the studies on the Corpse Seekers were paid attention, the Light Revivers have been listed in the archives, too.

"Lord brought us missions."

Do's and Don'ts:


  • Protect the Light Revivers.


  • Attack or hinder the Light Revivers.
"We'll follow our Lord, forever and ever."