Level C-5 EN ver
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Level C-5 is the 5th level of Backrooms C-Levels.

It's how it looked like.


<Text Editor/Autosaved Page Documented by a lost anonymous M.E.G. member.>


What is this place?

This is a winding, endless white hallway. White lamps are hung on the ceiling that's at your fingertips, awaiting your arrival.

Why is it all in black and white here?

Because there's no color.

Why no color?

In fact, it is colorful here, you should've realized it. White light consists all kinds of color light.

But it's not as white as I thought.

Please ignore the dark stain on the ground and the walls. They will then become colorful, and lively.

Why am I here?

It became colorful since you came. Your arrival brought colors here.

Should I leave?

Your departure will bring all colors away again. You shouldn't leave.

It seems… colors are appearing around.

That's for your advent. Thanks for your advent.


Should I stay?

Of course. You will become colorful, as it is here.

The colors are growing…

It's wonderful. The fair violet blossoms secretly under your feet, ultramarine stains your sky, verdure drops everywhere, goose-yellow adds vigor to this place, a touch of scarlet reflects your colorful figure.


The colors are becoming brighter…

It's mighty. It created every color of everything. Everything is getting more and more colorful, thanks to it, and thanks to your coming.

My color is dissipating.

Everything is dissipating, while only colors are growing.

I'm covered by endless colors now.

Here's your greenhouse. When you bloom again, you will be fullfilled with colors, still.


Will I feel lonely?

No, you still got them here, by your side, you won't feel lonely.

I'm integrating into it…

Intergrate yourself into colors, this is your everlasting home…


Entities Colors

Take it easy. There are no entities at all.


White is the sum of all colors. It's the mixture of everything in this world.


Red is your life, and its life. Your life is just its life.


It's hot and energetic, isn't it? It melts everything, just like lava.


Bright as the sun.


Reassuring as the Plants, just enjoy…


Deep as the Space. Don't stare at it, no…


Don't stare…





“¿&*#@#@$ ray!!!”


Base, Outposts and Communities

We've got a lot of colors here, waiting for you to come, welcome…


No, the colors are gone! We need new colors here!!█████████


Entrances and exits:


  • Have you seen that canvas painted with colorful blocks in the gallery in Level 57? Yeah, right there, just right there!! Stare at it, or just travel through it, you will arrive here luckily!!!


  • Who cares? THE PARTY MUST GO ON!!!